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Business Agreements and Contracts

Business owners frequently enter into oral and written agreements. We can no longer rely on individuals to honor the handshake agreements of years past, so it is better to get the contract in writing. Ideally, the contract should specify the obligations of each party to avoid misunderstanding and prevent disagreements, which can lead to lawsuits. A business lawyer can ensure that your agreements are concise and binding. The business law attorneys at Brabazon Law Office prepare business agreements and contracts for businesses in the Green Bay, WI and De Pere, WI areas.

Neglecting to get an agreement in writing can lead to disagreements about deadlines, pricing, and other important terms. When there is a binding contract, these lapses in memory can be avoided. Vaguely written contracts frequently result in lawsuits, so the language of business contracts must be clear and concise. Otherwise, you may be leaving the interpretation to a judge or jury in the future.

Our business lawyers have drafted, reviewed, and negotiated contracts and business agreements of all types. Let a business law attorney from our firm assist you with commercial real estate leases, manufacturing and distribution agreements, employment agreements, licensing agreements, confidentiality and non-compete agreements, master service agreements, and other contracts. Our goal is to protect your rights and interest with clear and well-written business agreements and contracts.

When you need a business lawyer in the Green Bay, WI or De Pere, WI areas, contact Brabazon Law Office for help with agreements, contacts, transactions, mergers and acquisitions, or general business counsel.

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