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The state of Wisconsin defines disorderly conduct in WI Statue 947 as follows:

     947.01 Disorderly conduct. Whoever, in a public or private place, engages in violent, abusive, indecent, profane, boisterous, unreasonably loud or otherwise disorderly conduct under circumstances in which the conduct tends to cause or provoke a disturbance is guilty of a Class B misdemeanor.

     This crime is serious and can be punished by a fine, probation and up to 90 days jail. Because the definition is subjective and ambiguous it is one of the most charged crimes in the State of Wisconsin. In just about any scenario where the police are called a case for disorderly conduct can be made and charges may result.

     Seeking the representation of a qualified criminal defense attorney is important in all disorderly conduct cases not only because you face a criminal record and jail, but also because you face the potential loss of the right to possess a firearm and the potential to work in certain fields (See Domestic Violence). The criminal attorneys at Brabazon Law Office are trained to look for defenses and to negotiate reasonable resolutions to disorderly conduct offenses. Even if probation or jail is initially offered by the prosecutor, when forced to a trial or when presented with mitigating information a criminal conviction can often be avoided all together. Brabazon Law Office offers a free initial consultation and we will be happy to set up an appointment with you to review your case.

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