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     Often one mistakenly believes they have been charged with the crime of domestic violence. However, this is a misunderstanding of the law. Domestic Violence or a Domestic Violence Offense (DVO) is not a crime but a description or a qualifier added to a crime such as battery or disorderly conduct. The qualifier is added when the victim of the crime has a domestic relationship with the offender. A domestic relationship occurs when:

     • The parties live or lived together in the same household.
     • The parties are related by blood or marriage.
     • The parties are parents to a common child.
     • The victim is pregnant by the alleged offender.

     A major reason the domestic violence notation is important is because if you are convicted of a crime that is categorized as DVO you lose your right to possess a firearm. This is due to the Domestic Violence Offender Gun Ban, commonly referred to as the Lautenberg Amendment. This act bans the ownership of firearms by anyone convicted of a misdemeanor or felony domestic violence offense. Once convicted the only means of restoring your right to possess a firearm would be to have the conviction expunged, but this is a rare occurrence.

     Even if possession of firearms is not important to you, the Domestic Violence qualifier can affect your ability to work! Typically the Domestic Violence offense will appear on employer background checks and will prevent employment in areas where you may be working with vulnerable populations such as in childcare facilities and nursing homes.

     Most prosecutors and judges will not mention the effect of the Lautenberg Amendment or the restrictions on employment you will face when giving you an offer or taking your plea in court. These restrictions apply regardless of whether you were informed of them and you can get in trouble for possessing a firearm even if you claim to be unaware of the law. The criminal attorneys at Brabazon Law Office can help you. Even if you are guilty of the underlying offense, our staff can attempt to work out an alternative plea deal which will allow you to retain your right to bear arms or continue your employment.

     Keeping your rights is important to us. Call one of our experienced criminal defense attorneys at Brabazon Law Office at (920) 494-1106 to discuss your case. There is no fee for your initial consultation and all conversations are private and confidential.

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