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Identity Theft

     Most People think nothing of putting their name, phone number or social security number on any number of forms. It's almost a common day practice. But it also opens you up to become an identity theft victim. Hundreds of thousands of people become victims of identity theft each year.

     As an identity theft victim, you can have you credit ruined, you bank accounts emptied and even your retirement benefits drained. If you have been a victim of identity theft, it's vital that you contact one our Green Bay attorneys at Brabazon Law Office who can help you regain your life.

     Identity theft can steal months or years from your life, and thousands if not tens of thousands of your hard earned dollars. Identity theft thieves can not only destroy your credit, you might even be arrested for crimes you didn't commit. You might not even be able to get a new job, a loan, a car, or a house

     Sadly, it can be very easy to steal your private information. Your information can be stolen from your employer, rummaging through your trash or even over the internet or phone.

Some potential consequences of identity include:
     • Taking loans in your name
     • Getting arrested using your name
     • Changing the address on your credit card
     • Buying expensive items on your credit card
     • Opening a new credit card account under your name

     If you or someone you know has become a victim of identity theft, our Green Bay attorneys at Brabazon law Office who specialize in identity theft cases can help you regain control of you bank accounts, and your credit history.

     Our experienced Green Bay Attorneys at Brabazon Law Office can help you by placing a fraud alert on your credit file, filing the appropriate police report and FTC complaint on your behalf and closing accounts that have been tampered with check for additional instances of fraud.

Identity Theft Hot Topics:
     • Credit card fraud
     • Loan fraud
     • "Dumpster Diving"
     • Utilities fraud
     • Employment fraud
     • "Skimming"
     • Bank fraud
     • Telecommunications fraud
     • Government and benefits fraud
     • Consumer Reporting Agencies

     Don’t let identity theft steal your life! Contact the Green Bay attorneys at Brabazon Law Office today for your free consultation by calling (920) 494-1106.

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