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White Collar Crime Lawyer in Green Bay & De Pere, WI

White collar crimes are usually committed by business people or public officials, non-violent, and involve deception. The evidence used by prosecutors in these cases generally consists of a paper trail of financial records and documents. Hiring an experienced white collar crime lawyer is essential to ensure that your rights are protected. The attorneys at Brabazon Law Office represent clients charged with white collar crimes in the De Pere, WI and Green Bay, WI areas.

Examples of White Collar Crime

  • Bribery – Either taking or paying a bribe.
  • Computer Fraud – Using a computer for the purpose of committing a crime.
  • Embezzlement – An individual is taking property entrusted to them by a business or employer.
  • Extortion (Blackmail) – Using the information to threaten another person to gain a profit.
  • Fraud – Gaining a financial advantage by misrepresenting facts, such as tax fraud or health care fraud.
  • Identity Theft – Using another’s personal information for your own gain.
  • Larceny – Taking property belonging to another without payment.
  • Obstruction of Justice – Impeding a criminal investigation, such as providing false information to law enforcement officials or destroying documents.
  • Perjury – Lying in a judicial proceeding in which the individual is under oath.
  • Price Fixing – Parties are agreeing to set prices in violation of the free market.
  • Racketeering – Extortion of money through force or a pattern of criminal activity in order to advance the interests of a criminal syndicate.
  • Securities and Commodities Law Violations – These may include misrepresentation of a financial fact, Ponzi schemes, or insider trading.

Prosecuting White Collar Crime

These crimes are prosecuted at the state or federal level, depending on the particular circumstances and whether state or federal law was violated. The penalty can be a fine, restitution to victims, jail time, and federal prison sentences. Victims often seek help from an attorney to recover money lost as a result of white collar crime.

Commonly, these crimes involve the use of a computer. Our firm works with a computer expert to analyze this evidence and ensure that our clients’ rights are protected. In addition, we may employ the assistance of other experts such as financial analysts, accountants, private investigators,and psychologists to develop the most effective defense strategy.

If you have been charged or find that you are under investigation for a white collar crime, you should seek legal advice immediately. Please contact Brabazon Law Office at (920) 494-1106 to discuss your case with a white collar crime attorney.

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