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     If you, a friend or loved one is being investigated or has been accused of the unlawful killing of another human being, you could face the most severe penalties in the Wisconsin Justice System which could mean spending the rest of your life in prison if convicted.

     Wisconsin does not treat all murder/homicide cases the same. Some instances of homicide & murder are viewed as more severe than others.

     Some of the various types of homicide include first degree murder, second degree murder, DUI or DWI (vehicular) homicide, First Degree Reckless Homicide, vehicular manslaughter, involuntary manslaughter, and manslaughter. Whether you’ve been accused of killing a police officer, killing a witness to a crime, killing multiple people, or killing in conjunction with committing other crimes (such as breaking and entering or carjacking), the Wisconsin Criminal defense attorneys at Brabazon Law Office are ready to vigorously and aggressively defend you or your loved one.

     Homicide cases are extremely complex and you should have an experienced Wisconsin homicide attorney defending you. Oftentimes, criminal defense attorneys must carry out wide-ranging investigations in the fields of ballistics, DNA testing, pathology, accounting, fingerprinting, toxicology, and pharmacology. In addition, our criminal defense team boasts an understanding of rules of evidence, serology and polygraph analysis and can explain the utilities and drawbacks of fingerprint/footprint analysis, voice identification and eyewitness identification.

     The experienced Wisconsin homicide attorneys at Brabazon Law Office have helped clients who have been charged with murder and other homicide-related charges.

     Given the serious nature of the accusations and the serious consequences for failing to present the best defense, you need an experienced and aggressive Wisconsin homicide attorney from Brabazon Law Office on your side to ensure that you get a fair and thorough hearing and that you can explore every possible avenue of defense.

Time May Not Be On Your Side

     The longer you wait to retain a criminal defense attorney for your murder/homicide charge, the harder it can be to assemble a strong defense. The attorneys of Brabazon Law Office are here to help you when you need it most. We can represent defendants in both Wisconsin State and Federal Courts. Get a completely confidential and free consultation regarding your best defense options now by calling our experienced and aggressive Wisconsin criminal defense lawyers.

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