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Court action and approval are required for any adoption to be finalized, including adoptions within the United States and foreign adoptions. Since the policies and procedures vary from state to state, it is essential that you seek advice from a qualified child-adoption lawyer. In general, there are requirements designed to assess the fitness of adoptive parents. At Brabazon Law Office, we handle adoption cases for families in the De Pere, WI and Green Bay, WI areas.

A child-adoption attorney from our firm can guide you through all phases of the adoption process. In addition to measures to assess parental fitness, there are policies and procedures related to adoption law that will be fully explained. For example, adoptive parents have the same legal duties for care and support of the child as natural parents. Additionally, adoptive children are afforded the same benefits as natural born children.

When you need an experienced child-adoption law attorney, you can rely on the attorneys at Brabazon Law Office to handle your adoption legal needs. We have guided many families through the process of both domestic and foreign adoptions and have extensive knowledge of the legal process and requirements.

Additional information about our firm and the legal services we provide for adoptive families in De Pere, Wi, Green Bay, WI, and surrounding communities can be found on our website. We offer a free consultation so you can discuss your case with an attorney and have your questions answered. Please contact our office at (920) 494-1106 to arrange your free consultation.

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