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Visa to Canada

     Since September 11, 2001 traveling outside the United States has become more difficult and time-consuming. Even getting to the border countries of Canada and Mexico have become more cumbersome.

     Many of our clients have been having difficulty getting into Canada because of a law violation being on their record. In many cases, the violation can be from twenty or more years ago! Even a first offense OWI (or DWI), a civil infraction here in Wisconsin, can prevent you from entry into Canada.

     Sometimes clients have repeatedly crossed the border for many years and only recently have experienced difficulties when a routine background check at the border found a very minor offense which barred them from entry to Canada.

     If you have an “indictable” offense, “summary conviction” or “dual procedure offense” according to Canadian Immigration Laws, we can guide you through the complex rules of admissibility.

     A person who is deemed inadmissible to Canada because of past criminal or other offenses, may have one or more of the following options available to them:

     1. Temporary Resident Permit – a temporary pass
     2. Rehabilitation Application – a permanent removal of the
          grounds of inadmissibility
     3. Deemed Rehabilitation – available if at least 10 years have passed
          since the completion of the sentence and that conviction would equate
          to a hybrid or indictable offense in Canada.

     If you are considering a trip to Canada, whether for work or for pleasure, and you have any type of offense, you may want to discuss your options with one of our experienced Green Bay attorneys. We can research your background and help you determine what type of documentation will need to be filed for you to gain entry into Canada.

     It is important that you start this process immediately. If we need to file the appropriate paperwork to apply for permanent rehabilitation, the process of obtaining all of the necessary documents and other forms will take significant time. In addition, after the appropriate documents are filed, the Canadian Immigration officials can take up to a year to make a decision.

     If you have been denied access to Canada, or are seeking entry into Canada, you need to meet with our experienced Green Bay attorneys to determine the best method possible. The Green Bay attorneys and staff of Brabazon Law Firm are ready to assist you gain entry into Canada.

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