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Facing Immigration or Deportation Issues?

     Immigration law is one of the most complex and easily misunderstood areas of the law. It is incredibly complicated and is constantly changing. US Immigration laws are carried out by at least three major government agencies and dozens of other agencies are also involved at various stages of the immigration process. In addition, there are numerous Wisconsin Immigration agencies that may be involved with your immigration case as well.

     While government agencies like the US Citizenship and Immigration Service and the US Department of State provide general information through web sites and 1-800 numbers many people make a serious mistake by relying on these government agencies for legal advice relating to immigration. Individuals providing information for these agencies through the 1-800 numbers are not immigration lawyers.

     More often than not, immigration situations are complicated and require the expertise of an experienced immigration attorney. Even if you are able to figure out which immigration forms to file, preparing the forms is time consuming and most people do not have the time or confidence to prepare the forms properly without the assistance of a qualified immigration attorney. Mistakes on immigration forms can be costly in terms of time and money. Some mistakes can have permanent negative consequences to an individual’s ability to come to the United States.

     Choosing the right Wisconsin immigration attorney is critical. An unqualified or inexperienced attorney can complicate your case and worsen your chances of a successful outcome. A good immigration lawyer must understand not only the current immigration law but have access to information about possible legislative and judicial changes to the immigration law that could affect your case. AILA stands for American Immigration Lawyers Association. AILA is a national association of attorneys who teach and practice immigration law. An AILA attorney is someone who understands immigration law and policies. AILA is the best source for up-to-date information on rapidly changing immigration laws and policies. Our immigration attorney at Brabazon Law Office, LLC is an active AILA member.

     It is important to find an attorney with experience with your type of case. Immigration law is a huge specialty. It is important to find an immigration attorney that is familiar with your type of case. At Brabazon Law Office, LLC our immigration attorney is knowledgeable in all areas of immigration law and specializes in family based immigration cases, naturalization and waivers.

     BEWARE of people who work as immigration consultants. In most states, these consultants are operating illegally because they are practicing law without a license. Even if an immigration consultant is only assisting you in completing forms the process of applying for an immigration benefit is more than just form-filling. Most of the questions on immigration forms that appear to be straightforward are actually designed to obtain information relating to possible violations of immigration regulations that could result in a denial of the application

     If you are in need of the services of an experienced immigration attorney call Brabazon Law Office today to schedule a consultation.

Frequently Used Government Sites

     • USCIS Processing Times
     • USCIS Case Status Check
     • INFOPASS Scheduler
     • USCIS Fee Schedule
     • American Immigration Lawyers Association

Other Areas
Travel Documents - Re-entry permits
Green Card Renewal Applications
Certificate of Citizenship
J-1 Residency Requirement Waivers
Change of Status Applications

     If you are facing immigration issues, it is critical that you have an experienced Wisconsin immigration attorney representing you. A Green Bay attorney from Brabazon Law Office with a long track history of success in immigration law can help when you need it most.

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