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Privacy Policy - Brabazon Law Office LLC

     This website is hosted and operated by Brabazon Law Office LLC, and this privacy policy applies to this website only.

     At, we respect you and your privacy and we understand that you are concerned about privacy, We have created policies with regard to our website. These policies are intended to ensure that your personal information is handled safely and responsibly. We also have posted this privacy policy to let you know what kind of information is collected, how it is handled, and with whom it may be shared.

     As we continue to develop our website and take advantage of technologies to improve the services we offer through the Internet, this policy likely will change. We therefore encourage you to refer to this policy on an ongoing basis so that you understand our current privacy policy.

     If you have any questions about this policy, you can contact us in a number> of ways: by using the Contact Us Form; by postal mail at Brabazon Law Office, 222 Packerland Drive, Green Bay, WI 54307; or by calling our office at 920-494-1106.
     If your question relates to this privacy policy or to our disclaimer, please direct your questions to Attorney Shane Brabazon.

     If you have any questions regarding your billing or payments, click on contact our office for an e-form to contact the office, or call 920-494-1106 or 1-800-596-0691.

     If your question is time-sensitive, please call.

What Information Do We Collect?

     The type of information that we collect and how we use that information is discussed below.

Online Payments

     If the payments feature is added, payments made on this website are handled through a third-party. We do not provide credit card information to third parties, however, the information that you provide on this website to make credit card payments is passed through a secure connection with our third-party provider and they may retain that information by law and according to the terms of their privacy policies or other agreements.

     If you make a payment to our office, then certain information must be retained according to the law. That information includes the name of the person making the payment, and may include additional information such as the payor's address and telephone number. We do not share this information unless required to do so by law.

Confidential Payment Information

We record the IP address of anyone accessing the online forms or credit card payment forms. We maintain this information according to records laws. We do not share this information; however, in certain situations we can be compelled to share this information with the Federal Bureau of Investigation or other federal agencies and state agencies.

Contacting Us Via This Website

     When you contact Brabazon Law Office, LLC through one of the forms on this website, that form and its content is sent to the personal e-mail address of each attorney with the firm, and in that process it passes through an additional network to our server. At any point along that path, your communication can be read by any of the administrators on the servers that are linked from your computer to our computer.

     You should know that e-mail's can be tracked, a copy of any e-mail received by our firm can be placed in a database, and a copy of any e-mail can be read by or placed in the database of any provider along its path from origin to destination. That process is not unique to our firm; it is inherent to the Internet. That database can become evidence in a legal proceeding. In any database, the information about your ISP provider's name and your computer's IP address can be associated with any e-mail you send. That database may be erased on a daily basis, or at any other time. It is our practice to erase e-mail's immediately. We do not share this information. We do not sell e-mail addresses, names, nor other personal information.

     If you submit a case to us for review and that submission is made on this website, the information that you submit is not confidential and cannot be privileged. That information can be read by others.

Contacting Our Firm Off-line

     If you contact our firm for legal advice, we may collect additional information about you, including your social security number, date of birth, and address. We may also collect additional information about the specifics of your case.

     In many instances, information about your case, including your name, address, and date of birth are available to the public on Wisconsin's circuit court website. We may access that information, as well as the attorney information related to your case at that website. Additionally, we may access other sources for information to confirm your identity, your case, and the facts of your case, as applicable.

Non-Privileged Communications

     Privileged communications include only those communications conducted in a confidential environment and means. Questions regarding confidentiality between a lawyer and his or her client must be addressed between the lawyer and the client. In any regard, you should not expect confidentiality with regard to your communications on the Internet or this site.

     If you meet with or talk via telephone to an attorney at Brabazon Law Office, your communication with the attorney WILL be privileged, provided you have not allowed a third-party to listen to the communication.

Browsing This Website

     A cookie is a small piece of information sent by a Website that is saved on your hard disk by your computer's browser. It holds information a site may need to interact with you and personalize your experience.

     There are two types of cookies: persistent cookies and session cookies. Persistent cookies can store personal information about you, but session cookies seldom do. This website does not use persistent cookies, nor does it use session cookies that store personal information about you, but it does use session cookies.

     This website is integrated into a Google Analytics reporting system. As such, Google places a session cookie on your computer when you access our website, and tracks the pages that you visit. The Google Analytics system can and does identify Internet Service Providers, Online Service Providers, Internet Protocol identification numbers, and network identification numbers.

     When you browse this website, a cookie is placed on your computer for the sole purpose of identifying which pages you found interesting so that we may continually fine tune our website to better meet the needs of our visitors. That cookie records the page on which you access this site, each page you visit, and the page at which you existed this website. That cookie also records the numeric address of your Internet Service Provider and the IP address of your network, depending upon how your computer accesses the Internet.

     For statistical purposes, information gathered about your use of this website may be shared with others, but that information does not include any personal data.

Abusing This Website

     We record data about spam mail and spam users of our website. If any harmful files are sent to the e-mail addresses or through the forms on this website, a report is made to the Federal Trade Commission by our Online Service Provider, and in certain situations to the Federal Bureau of Investigation. Those reports can and usually do contain a user's identification information as defined above.

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