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Landlord/Tenant Issues

     The rules governing the obligations of landlords and tenants under the Wisconsin Statutes and common law can be complex and confusing. The knowledgeable real estate attorneys at Brabazon Law help landlords of both residential and commercial properties ensure their compliance with their procedural and substantive obligations under Wisconsin law.

     As a landlord, did you know that if your residential lease contains certain illegal provisions, it is null and void as a matter of law, which may prohibit you from collecting past and future rent in an eviction action? If you lease commercial property, did you know that your landlord may have the right to use a “self-help eviction,” whereby the landlord can evict you from the premises without filing an eviction action?

     We understand landlord/tenant law, and have negotiated, reviewed, and drafted numerous commercial and residential leases on behalf of our clients, both landlords and tenants. We also assist our clients during the eviction process for both commercial and residential tenants.

     Let the experienced real estate attorneys at Brabazon Law help you to maximize your return on your investment properties while minimizing your risks.

We offer services to our real estate clients in the following areas:

     • Sales and Acquisitions
     • Real Estate Development
     • Financing and Loans
     • Leases
     • Condominiums
     • For Sale by Owner Packages
     • Real Estate Ownership Agreements
     • Title Insurance
     • Zoning and Land Use
     • Construction
     • Easements and Restrictive Covenants
     • Foreclosures and Foreclosure Alternatives
     • Litigation

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