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Purchases & Sales of Commercial & Residential Real Estate

     Whether it is commercial property or residential property, real estate is a significant investment for both individuals and businesses. If you are buying or selling real estate, you need an attorney who can make sure that your best interests are served in the transaction.

     The Wisconsin real estate attorneys at Brabazon Law have been involved in numerous commercial real estate transactions, representing both buyers and sellers. From the drafting of the offer to purchase, through the due diligence process, and at closing, our attorneys are with you every step of the way to ensure that your rights are protected, and to confirm that the other party complies with all of its obligations. Whether you are buying or selling a vacant lot or a developed property, our experienced real estate attorneys will guide you through the process.

     First, you must locate a suitable piece of property that is listed or which the owner may be willing to sell for a price you can pay. Depending on your type of business, you need to consider issues such as location, access, and zoning. The property’s current zoning must accommodate your intended use, and if not, you need to know whether rezoning in possible.

     Prior to submitting an offer, it also makes sense to consider your financing options. If available, you can obtain a conventional loan, with either a fixed or adjustable rate. However, there are many other options available, including seller financing (i.e. a land contract). Once you have selected a method of preferred financing, you need to make sure that the offer submitted to the buyer contains a contingency addressing the financing.

     You will also need to conduct “due diligence”, either before of after your offer is submitted, and hopefully, accepted by the seller. Due diligence refers to your efforts, as the buyer, to discover and address issues, if any, with the property prior to closing. This process can include an inspection of any improvements to the property, environmental testing, and review of any existing easements, restrictions, or zoning law issues affecting the property.

     If the property is vacant, and you intend to construct a facility, another set of issues must be addressed. You need to make sure that the property will accommodate your proposed improvements, and that you can obtain all of the necessary permits and licenses to complete the project. In most instances, architectural plans will need to be approved by the state, as well as the municipality. Depending on the type of property and proposed facility, soil and other testing may be needed. These issues should all be addressed prior to closing, and your obligation to close should be contingent upon successfully addressing these issues.

     Our real estate attorneys have also assisted buyers and sellers in residential real estate transactions. We offer comprehensive and affordable services, including “For Sale by Owner” packages to assist home owners in selling their homes.

     Brabazon Law Office also offers title insurance services through Attorney’s Title and Guaranty for both commercial and residential real estate transactions.

We offer services to our real estate clients in the following areas:

     • Sales and Acquisitions
     • Commercial Real Estate Development
     • Residential Real Estate Development
     • Financing and Loans
     • Leases
     • Condominiums
     • For Sale by Owner Packages
     • Real Estate Ownership Agreements
     • Title Insurance
     • Zoning and Land Use
     • Construction
     • Easements and Restrictive Covenants
     • Foreclosures and Foreclosure Alternatives
     • Litigation


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