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Medical Expenses

     If you have been hurt at work, you are entitled to coverage for reasonable and necessary medical expenses. Medical bills are submitted to the employer’s workers compensation insurance carrier for payment. Examples of reasonable and necessary medical expenses include:

     -Doctor Bills
     -Hospital Bills
     -Clinic Bills
     -Travel Expenses
     -Cam boots
     -Artificial limbs
     -Rehabilitative Therapy
     -Chiropractic Bills

     An injured worker has the right to select a doctor of his or her choice. The employee may select any physician, chiropractor, psychologist or podiatrist licensed to practice in Wisconsin. If for any reason the worker is not happy with the first doctor who was used for treatment, the worker has the right to a second opinion. Employees must notify the employer of their second choice of doctor. However, the employer cannot object to it. If a primary doctor refers the employee on to a specialist, the referral is still considered treatment with only one doctor. If an employee wants a third opinion, it will only be covered by the worker’s compensation coverage if the employee, the employer and the insurance carrier all agree to it.

     An employee may treat with a medical provider who is outside of Wisconsin only if he or she obtains the insurance carriers permission in advance or the local attending physician refers the employee to that provider.

     The medical records and reports that are related to treatment for workplace injuries provide some of the most important information regarding a workers compensation claim. In fact, the treating doctor’s opinion on things like how the injury was caused, whether work restrictions are necessary, and if permanent damage resulted, are necessary in reviewing what benefits the employee may be entitled to. Therefore, an injured worker needs an attorney who understands the importance of becoming familiar with the employee’s medical condition and the need to communicate with the employee’s treating doctor about the extent of the injury and the future prognosis. The attorneys at Brabazon Law Office have that experience. They understand how to communicate with and interpret the medical provider’s findings. They also know how to work with medical providers who are not familiar with the Wisconsin Workers Compensation guidelines to ensure the medical support provided is as helpful as possible.

     The attorneys at Brabazon Law Office are familiar with all types of workplace injuries and disabilities, including back injuries, head and neck pain, shoulder and knee injuries, reflex sympathetic dystrophy (RSD), broken bones, fractures, soft-tissue injuries, amputations, nerve damage, burns, carpal tunnel, occupational disease, and sprains and strains. If you have any questions about an injury you have sustained while in the course of employment, contact Brabazon Law Office immediately to ensure you are receiving the benefits you are entitled to.

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