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Temporary Total Disability/Temporary Partial Disability

     When an employee is injured at work, a healing period often follows. This is a time period wherein the employee is treating for and recovering from the injury.

     During the healing period, the attending doctor will issue an opinion regarding the employee’s ability to return to work. The doctor will typically complete a Return to Work report, wherein he or she will do one of the following: issue work restrictions; direct the employee to stay off work altogether; or allow the employee to return to work full duty.

     Examples of work restrictions commonly issued for a workplace injury include limits about how many pounds the employee may lift and how often the employee is allowed to twist, bend, sit or stand. These are often described in terms of pounds and time periods.

     If the employee is directed to completely stay off work, or if the restrictions issued by the doctor are such that the employer does not have work available for the employee, the workers compensation insurance carrier is to pay the injured worker Temporary Total Disability (TTD) Benefits. These benefits are equal to 2/3 of the worker’s average weekly wage. This amount is capped at a specified amount, which changes each year. An injured worker should always be mindful of how the insurance carrier calculated the “average weekly wage”. Insurance companies may calculate the average wages to be less then they really are, which results in incorrect TTD benefit payments and therefore lost wages.

     If the employee is allowed to return to restricted work, but is not earning as much as before the injury, he or she may be entitled to Temporary Partial Disability (TPD). Temporary Partial Disability is paid in the place of the lost wages in order to sustain the employee during the recovery period. TTD and TPD benefits are tax-free.

     An employee should consult with the experienced attorneys at Brabazon Law Office to ensure he or she is receiving the disability wage loss benefits they are entitled to.

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